About US

MGC Group INC was first founded in 2009 and officially registered as Incorporation in 2012 in New York City (Manhattan). When founded, MGC Group was attached to the prestigious luxury watch trading company Chron, Inc. MGC Group serves as a bridge for government consulting, business consulting, educational consulting, educational training, students travel and study abroad, international business development and customized travel in the United States. Staying in this global power city, MGC Group is working to exert its significant impact upon commerce, finance, media, research, education, and entertainment. In March 2013, MGC Group was merged with Chron, INC. After that, MGC Group deepens and enhances its cooperation with U.S educational institutes and schools, which will provide more opportunities for SINO-US culture communication. MGC Group will also launch its satellite office in Los Angeles, California in September, 2013. MGC Group will file its application and make its effort to become one of best NTA (National Travel Association) China in-bound program members to serve its students and business customers from China.

With the increasing SINO-US bilateral cooperation and communication from various perspectives, two countries have tied to each other closer than ever. More Chinese students choose to study in the States; more Chinese businessmen and companies choose to go out and learn new things; and the Chinese government is more open to talk and change. MGC Group seizes this opportunity to work as a bridge to provide high quality services for education, business consulting, and traveling. All the founders of MGC Group have U.S. study background and they have many connections with Ivy League Universities, and they have accumulate many resources from social organizations, government, and financial companies. MGC Group will strive to build the bridge between China and United States from different perspectives.

MGC Group management team is always open to talk and ready to improve. MGC Group will never stop to change and provide high quality and professional services all the time. In our next development stage, we will target assembling talents from various industries. We will also strive to provide solutions and services that create lasting value for our clients and accelerate SINA-US governmental and business cooperation under the globalization context.